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The audition process can be confusing to those experiencing it for the first time. Yes, we do charge for our audition packets, but the actual audition itself is free the day of. By purchasing a packet, you are showing us your first step of commitment towards the ensemble. On audition day(s), just simply show up, do your best, and have a great time! We treat the audition camps as an introduction between the ensemble and individual. We assess the attitude, interest, and talent of the individual, and the individual has a chance to feel out the staff and see how they fit in the ensemble. We will be watching how you perform the information in the audition packet you purchased prior to camp(located in the LINKS tab, or via registration portal), and how well you improve between camps with the feedback we give you. If offered a contract, you will be emailed a packet of information. Everything about being a CTP member is outlined in this packet. Until then, keep showing up and giving your best! Before auditions we encourage you to read all info on the website, and check out our Instagram and facebook pages as well.

We understand that sometimes communication between potential members and their parents can be misinterpreted. At CTP, one of our primary objectives is to build that communication skill within the members. We typically do not go out of our way to "track parents down" to forward information directly to them because of this reason.  We strongly encourage our members to sit down and have these conversations with their family and then approach us as young professionals. However, parents are obviously always welcome to contact the director with questions. Our primary forms of communications are an app called "the Band App", and email. Parents are welcome through either platform.

What is WGI?

Charles Towne Percussion is an indoor performing arts ensemble that learns and rehearses a competitive show each year. Typically we compete in two circuits, CWEA, and WGI. Carolina Winter Ensemble Association(CWEA) is our local circuit focused on shows within a 3-4 hour driving venue range. Winter Guard International(WGI) is our national circuit, where we compete with other ensembles from all over the country, ending in Dayton, Ohio in the spring, which determines our national ranking. In the 2021-2022 season we ended 9th in the nation in our class. In the 2022-2023 season we ended 4th in the nation in our class. More information can be obtained on both of these circuits by viewing their websites. 



Financial Obligations

It is no secret that the marching activity is expensive. But here at CTP we strive to make the experience as affordable as possible. You can expect your membership dues to be well above what an average high school band fees are, however this should not intimidate you into not auditioning. These dues are not required all at once. In fact we use the majority of the season to pay them down. We also pride ourselves on offering extensive fundraising. We are so successful with fundraising that most of our members raise more than $1,000 by the end of the season. In the entire 6 seasons CTP has existed, we have never had a member reach the end of the season without having their dues paid off in full, regardless of how nervous they were about reaching these financial goals. Don't let money be a reason to not audition! Watch this quick video so you can see for yourself!

Time Commitment

Rehearsal time is a big deal at CTP. We are a nationally competitive ensemble, and therefore we expect our members to treat their time commitment with the same reflection. We obviously allow cooperation for school events that may effect grades, but we also work with band directors, students, and parents to resolve these issues far in advance. Poor attendance can result in a forfeit of your position with the ensemble even if offered a contract, as it prohibits the growth of other members and is a waste of our talented staffs time. Rehearsals and shows are conducted on weekends throughout the fall, winter, and spring.

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